Vision: “The Blunsdon Neighbourhood Plan area is an historic, established rural settlement, with a distinct and separate character from its urban neighbour Swindon, growing through managed, sustainable development meeting the needs of the residents. Through continuous commitment to conservation, heritage and high-quality design it maintains its ‘village’ character and culture. With its low housing density and dedication to providing a tranquil sense of space, it preserves its landscape context and rural views in and out of the area. It has a strong sense of community which cares for its residents and provides a sustainable and safe quality of life.”


We asked 15 questions concerning housing. There was marked consensus among the responses with over 90% of responses agreeing or strongly agreeing with the following statements:

Q5          The village is a good place to live

Q6          Houses here are well built

Q7          The space between houses is about right

Q8          The village has character

Q9          We have enough houses

Q11        I am worried about future housing plans

Q12        Plans to extend the urban area in Blunsdon by 1650 houses will adversely affect the area

Q13        450 houses on the Stadium site will adversely affect the traffic



The main Conservation Areas in the village itself should be protected and where possible strengthened to maintain its character and culture. It is important to maintain the village character both in and out of the conservation areas. The sense of space provided by existing houses should be maintained and not reduced by congested developments and inappropriate infilling. The historic character of the village should be maintained, especially the historic buildings, structures, views and watercourses. The conservation area appraisals are endorsed, and their policies should be extended to the rest of the village where appropriate. Planning Inspectors decisions within the conservation areas should be adopted where appropriate.

Question:            What aspects of the conservation area are important to you?

Question:            Do other parts of the village have aspects which should be preserved and enhanced?   What are these and where?

Question:            Should we have a village design statement similar to the example on display?

NON-COALESCENCE – The village should be protected from further urban extensions and the original concept of a rural buffer should be reinstated. The division between upper and lower Blunsdon should be retained.

Question:            The draft Local Plan has a policy of non-coalescence between settlements such as Blunsdon. How wide should the buffer be?

Question:            Where should the non-coalescence area be?

SETTLEMENT BOUNDARY – Village development should be controlled within the existing settlement boundary to avoid sprawls of development that engulf the village.

Question:            Is the settlement boundary correct?   If not where should it be modified?

AFFORDABLE HOUSING: The recent Ermin Street Planning Application approvals include 30% provision for affordable housing, 17 + 20 = 37 affordable dwellings.

Question:            Is this number of additional affordable houses in the Neighbourhood Plan area (a) about  right, (b) too few, or (c) too many?

SCALE OF DEVELOPMENT: Apart from the Urban Extension proposal at Kingsdown, the Local Plan Sustainable Development Strategy (Policy SD2) states that development at Broad Blunsdon, Chiseldon, Wanborough and Bishopstone will be supported where, in combination, it contributes at least 100 dwellings. This equates to approximately 25 dwellings in each village. In addition, the Local Plan states that the scale of development at individual settlements should be proportional to the size and function of the settlements.

Question:            Given the recent approvals of 57 and 61 (total 118) houses at Ermin Street, do you think the development needs of the village over the plan period have largely been met?

Please consider these questions and answer them on the questionnaire provided. This will help us produce the final policies that will be specific to Blunsdon Neighbourhood Plan area.

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