Update 14/10/17

Blunsdon East Neighbourhood Plan (BENP) Update 14/10/17

The BENP Steering Group continues to work on behalf of local residents to prepare the local Neighbourhood Plan which can be used to defend speculative planning applications in our village.

The Government’s policy is that where a Neighbourhood Plan takes a positive approach to new development, a higher test will be applied to determining planning applications (meaning such applications are more likely to be refused).  Therefore one of the key elements of our Plan is to have a Site Assessment document which supports small scale developments.

We have therefore recently made a ‘Call’ for sites and are now assessing the submissions, with the intention of formulating a policy to support only very limited housing to meet local needs, in sustainable locations where impact is minimised. However, we do so reluctantly due to the number of new dwellings already being built and also those SBC have agreed to be built in our village (currently some 258 with another 154 being discussed).  In order to present a more robust case against larger developments that threaten to swamp our village we must allocate limited sensible and sustainable developments.

If you would like to be involved in this process we’d love to hear from you, we meet normally every Thursday evening in the Village Hall at 6.30 pm just come along and join in.

If you need any further information please email parishplan@outlook.com or call the Parish Council on 01793 705617 or contact us via the Website http://www.blunsdonneighbourhoodplan.info/

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