Community, Education and Crime


Blunsdon has a unique identity and a very strong Community. We have many events and activities based around the vibrant and caring population of the Area. There is good community spirit built up over the years by the nature and extent of the population living here. Neighbours know each other and neighbourhoods celebrate together and pull together when the need arises.

The Churches in the Village are robust and growing and provide many activities such as Sunday School, Sisterhood, breakfast clubs etc. for young and old alike. We are strong with many community groups that are well supported e.g. WI, Gardening Club, Cycling and Rambling groups; there is a growing Uniformed Support Group, Beavers, Brownies and Cubs.  There is even a Curry Club!

The Village and Methodist Halls regularly throng with singers and dancers and theatre groups. They support model clubs and Ukulele bands, a youth club and many annual ‘fixtures’ like the Village Quiz and wine tasting.

The recreation areas provide many opportunities for local people to get involved. There is a strong Cricket Club, and a Blunsdon FC organisation that runs over a dozen teams from the under 6s through to an adult Blunsdon team.

The two pubs and the Hotel all help with community events and even arrange some of their own to engage the Village and its surroundings. They also provide much needed employment for local people.

Youth music has regularly been supported with the summer B Festival, contributing to charity and to identifying and supporting the talented youngsters in the Village. We are lucky to have a busy Surgery in the Village, looking after the health needs of the residents in their locality. As the population grows this will become stretched and extremely busy – let’s hope it can cope.

Maybe the strongest symbol of our Community is the Village Shop, started and run by the community and providing a magical support for the villagers by offering good food at good prices and priceless opportunities for friends and acquaintances to meet and chat and give a little of their time to help the fantastic facility.

The Village Magazine offers a strong voice to all of the groups and individuals who want to contribute. Those that want to commit more of their time to how the Parish works, have joined the Parish Council and Parochial Church Council to support and carry out the wishes of the parishioners.


St Leonards C of E Academy is an outstanding Primary School in the heart of the community. Children flourish and achieve their potential, supported by a fantastic staff and support staff. Its catchment area incorporates the new developments proposed in Ermin Street and at the Stadium and would be pushed to extremes to contain the growth in primary children wanting to attend this great school. The Nursery School that runs in the Village Hall will have its capacity stretched too, as these new urban extensions grow in very close proximity to our Village.


We are pleased to report that crime figures for the area are very low and well policed and we have a great relationship with our local Neighbourhood Policing Team. They cover us and the other villages surrounding Swindon and at the moment seem to cope with the crime that affects our rural surroundings.   How do you think the Village and surrounding area will be affected by the encroaching Urban Extensions that are proposed by the Borough Council Planning Authority?

Key issues to consider over the next 13-15 years:

With urban extensions to Swindon coming so close to the Village what effect do you think it will have on:

  • Village life which is probably the reason you live/moved here?
  • Our outstanding Primary School and available places?
  • The ability to select the Primary or Secondary school of your choice?
  • The strong Village community spirit?
  • The level of crime in the area?
  • The ability of the Police to cope with it?
  • Village life that we have grown to love?
  • Adequate health provision for our aging population?
  • The effect on the recreation areas with overuse and more vehicles?
  • The polluting effect of more vehicles using our roads?


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