Open Day Event

Saturday 15th June 2013 at the Village Hall 10am to 7pm

The Blunsdon Neighbourhood Plan is all about the use of land in the East of the Parish up to 2026.  The Plan will allow us to incorporate the aspirations expressed by the residents and stakeholders in the area, even with the constraints imposed by national planning policies and Swindon’s Local Plan.  Are you interested in or do you have views on:-

  • Where should any new housing be located within the Parish?  What type or design should this be?
  • How important are the existing open spaces in the village?  Should some of them be built on?
  • How important is it to keep rural Blunsdon from merging with urban Swindon?  Should we maintain an area of non coalescence?
  • Should employment areas be expanded?  Should a new one be considered?
  • Are there any schemes that might reduce through traffic in Blunsdon particularly HGVs?  Are any of them feasible in the plan period?
  • How might new developments such as Tadpole Farm, Blunsdon Stadium and the proposed development at Kingsdown impact on the Village or Parish?

There will be a display covering these and other issues relevant to the use of land in Blunsdon on Saturday 15th June.  Come and see, and more importantly, influence how the plan is developed over the next few months.

We need your views.

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