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The following consultations have taken place:

Open day July 2018

Open day May 2017

Open day April 2014

Open day June 2013

A Steering Group of Parish Councillors and volunteers has been established to draw together a Neighbourhood Plan for Blunsdon. Its contents will be legally binding on the Local Planning Authority and concerned with future land use (housing, employment, open spaces, leisure and infrastructure).  This is a formal process as it is led by legislation and means that the needs of the community will be legally recognised.

The current composition of the Steering Group is: Trevor Morton-Holmes (Chair), Ian Jankinson (PC), Simon Clarke, Andy Marshall, Stuart Boyd (PC), Sandra Keates, supported by PC Clerk, Tracey Judd.

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So what exactly is a Neighbourhood Plan?  To find out more click on ‘FAQ’s’ at the top of this page


The Localism Act 2011 gives local communities more power to influence the future of the places where they live by preparing Neighbourhood Plans.

Neighbourhood Plans can establish a vision for an area as well as general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood.  They should be about local issues.  For example, they could cover where new homes, recreational facilities, shops or offices should go and which green spaces should be protected or other planning related issues.

Neighbourhood Plans should be focused on guiding development rather than stopping it.  They also have to be in line with national policy and Swindon Borough Council’s local planning policies.  Once adopted they will become part of the statutory planning framework and be used to guide decisions on planning applications.

A Neighbourhood Plan can:-

  • Decide where and what type of development should happen in the neighbourhood.
  • Promote more development than is set out in the Swindon Borough Council Local Plan.
  • Include more detailed policies, for example on design standards.

A Neighbourhood Plan cannot conflict with strategic policies or prevent developments that are in the Local Plan prepared by Swindon Borough Council. The Swindon Plan will set out what the Council propose to do up to 2026.

Because of its dependence on the Swindon Borough Council Local Plan (Core Strategy), Blunsdon’s Neighbourhood Plan must cover the same time period up to 2026. Our idea is to produce a plan for Blunsdon that covers the same period so that the local community can directly influence what the Borough Council does in our area.

Who can prepare a Neighbourhood Plan?

What is Swindon Borough Council’s role?

What is Blunsdon’s Neighbourhood Area?

How can I Influence the Neighbourhood Plan?


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