Vision: “The Blunsdon Neighbourhood Plan area is an historic, established rural settlement, with a distinct and separate character from its urban neighbour Swindon, growing through managed, sustainable development meeting the needs of the residents. Through continuous commitment to conservation, heritage and high-quality design it maintains its ‘village’ character and culture. With its low housing density and dedication to providing a tranquil sense of space, it preserves its landscape context and rural views in and out of the area. It has a strong sense of community which cares for its residents and provides a sustainable and safe quality of life.”


We asked questions on the environment. Over 90% of those responding agreed or strongly agreed with the following statements:

Q41        Green space is important to me

Q42        Open footpaths are important to me

Q46        I like to live in the countryside

Q60        We look after our village

Also, over 90% of those responding disagreed or strongly disagreed with the following statement:

Q51        We should use green space to build on


To maintain the special Village character, with its tranquil sense of space, quiet rural ambience with protected views of open countryside, without becoming part of the Swindon urban area.

Any decision made on development must add or enhance rather than detract to open space greenery in the following areas:

  1. a) Mid-Vale Ridge National Character Area
  2. b) Any Great Western Community Forest
  3. c) Green Corridors or lanes
  4. d) Open spaces for sport or recreation
  5. e) Any Village Green proposal
  6. f) Special sites for wildlife or Bio-diversity
  7. g) Any other sites identified

In protecting these green areas, public access to rights of way, footpaths or green lanes should be ensured and improved.

Good water management of natural springs, areas liable to flooding and the naturally rich species in ponds or rivers to be a condition of any planning application proposal.


Which green areas should we protect?

How can our green infrastructure help maintain the village ethos?

Are any of these Green open spaces worth listing as Community Assets?

Are there any Green open spaces missing such as a Village Green, extra recreational areas, allotments, wildlife meadows etc?

Do you want a Village Green?

Any other missing parts of the environment such as watercourses, species, habitats or wildlife that require further investigation, listing and protection?

Should the Bydemill Brook become a green conservation corridor to compliment the natural character area?

Should there be a footpath and/or right of way along it?

Should the Great Western Community Forest be extended? If so, where?

Please consider these questions and answer them on the questionnaire provided. This will help us produce the final policies that will be specific to Blunsdon Neighbourhood Plan area.

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